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Markdown in Gmail

I really like markdown for writing technical stuff. It makes it super easy to create code blocks, embed commands in a sentence and generally be really cool.

Back in the day, I used Chrome as my primary email interface into Gmail for work - because it had a cool extension called Markdown Here. Well, I fell out of love with Chrome for various reasons and moved to Mail.app. I have since been forced to move back to a web interface for my email (shakes fist at sky), however I am sticking with Safari. I thought that my days with markdown in the email interface were over.

Well, I used local search to see if I had a markdown editor installed locally so I could work on a technical email and then preview it, and past in into gmail. That local search popped up the old email thread where we were talking about Markdown Here years ago (see, a good reason for local email storage!) and I headed over to their webpage.

Well, guess what. They support Chrome, Firefox and Safari now!

Happy days…