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Theater - fun to see, not fun to be

Unfortunately for politicians, the security measures that work are largely invisible. Such measures include enhancing the intelligence-gathering abilities of the secret services, hiring cultural experts and Arabic translators, building bridges with Islamic communities both nationally and internationally, funding police capabilities -- both investigative arms to prevent terrorist attacks, and emergency communications systems for after attacks occur -- and arresting terrorist plotters without media fanfare. They do not include expansive new police or spying laws. Our police don't need any new laws to deal with terrorism; rather, they need apolitical funding. These security measures don't make good television, and they don't help, come re-election time. But they work, addressing the reality of security instead of the feeling.

Bruce is echoing what I have been saying for a long time – new laws, new powers, new technology is not needed to combat terrorism. We have had the tools for a very long time, and we have successfully used them in the past. These are criminals - not soldiers. Next, we’ll be saying the mafia is a “non-state actor” and shipping them off for a secret military tribunal? Seriously - read the article.