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Limechat blowing chunks

I love Limechat for my mac IRC needs. However, it started blowing chunks a few OSX updates ago, and that was plain annoying!

update Limechat 1.0 fixes the problem. Yay!

I found a really simple fix. Open up markedscroller.rb and comment out line 40. Works like a charm for me.

Simply do sudo mate /Applications/LimeChat.app/Contents/Resources/markedscroller.rb and scroll down to line 40. make the changes below.

# draw lines
#This line seems to blow chunks when highlights happen. W/o it it seems to work?
# NSRectClip(self.rectForPart(NSScrollerKnobSlot).inset(3.0, 4.0)) 
# end changes
lines.each {|i| i.stroke }

Note, if you do not use textmate, or do not have the command line bindings installed, substitute your favorite text editor for the mate command.