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iPhone, day 1

Well, today was day one with my new techno-lust-gadget. It's fit and finish is what you would expect from Apple. The device feels good in the hand, and fits as a phone, unlike some of the blackberries that I have used. I must say that I am very impressed over all with the device.

Here are my day one notes.

  • Battery life is acceptable. I have been using it very heavily today, and I have used less then half the battery. By my estimation, I should get 8 hours of heavy use w/o a recharge.
  • The browser is wonderful. I was able to pull up a page and drill down to a photo on the page before my corporate network could get the page loaded. The buttons are intuitive and easy to use, and the look and feel is fantastic
  • Activation was a snap. Under 10 min for 2 phones.
  • It plugged right into my Kilpsh iPod speakers, and worked out of the box. The only issue was that it wanted to be in airplane mode due to interference with the speakers when a call was received.
  • Typing on the keyboard (or lack thereof) was a concern. I have poor typing skills, and big fingers. However, it seems to work as well as or better then a normal keyboard
  • The Calendar is just freaking cool. I do however, really want to see tasks added in.
  • I was frugal (cheep) and only sprung for the 4 gig model. My top played list fits just fine however, and I am going to use that money to get the Apple headset

More later...